Metal Folding Bristol

As part of our services, we offer metal folding in Bristol to a range of industries. At F. C. Hammonds, our years of experience and skills allow us to expertly select the most suitable and efficient method to meet your individual needs. In our well-equipped facilities, our professional team can offer quick turnaround times for any project. Our services are also available within Avonmouth and Bath, so get in touch with us today for more information.

If you would like to contact our team, call us today on 0117 9551377.

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What Is Metal Folding?

Metal folding is a process which gives a metal product its shape. A machine is used to bend or fold the metal so it can reach its intended form. This can be a complex process, however our folding equipment ensures that we get your desired shape with ease. We have a wealth of experience in folding metal, so no matter your requirements, no job is too big or too small for our dedicated team. We promise high-quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

With our Bystronic Xact Smart, 3 meter 100 tonne press brake we have the latest technology to offer bespoke and flexible CNC bending of materials up to 3 mm thick and 3 m long. We can also offer bending of thicker materials in shorter lengths.

Metal Rolling

In addition, we also offer metal rolling. Rolling is a process used to bend metal sheets to a slow radius, often to form tubes and cones. We have a 1000 mm wide set of initial pinch rolls that can roll up to a 1.5 mm sheet, and a 1200 mm wide set of pyramid rolls that can roll up to a 3 mm thick sheet.

metal rolling

Why Choose F. C. Hammonds?

At F. C. Hammonds, we can fold metals of various thicknesses and lengths, getting the job done efficiently and to a high standard. We take pride in every aspect of a job, and we never cut corners. Furthermore, we can also make adjustments to the specification, so making repeat orders is even easier at F. C. Hammonds. We can follow your exact requirements and produce quality products every time.

Contact Our Team Today

If you need metal folding in Bristol, Bath and Avonmouth, make us your first call. Located in the heart of Bristol, we are in a convenient place for many of our customers to drop off and pick up urgent work on a regular basis.

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