Case Studies

To see our metal work, take a look at our case studies below. We are proud of every job we undertake, from steel fabrication to creative metal crafts. For our extensive services, get in touch with us today on 0117 9551377.

Chip Trays

A customer of ours was having problems with the manufacturer-supplied wire mesh cooking trays that are supplied with combi-ovens. They were not strong enough to survive in a commercial kitchen environment, and were difficult to clean properly.

F. C. Hammonds designed and manufactured replacement trays. Formed from a single piece of stainless steel, these trays were perforated and bent to replace the original items. These new trays have proved to be much stronger and easier to clean than the originals, and they are now used in commercial kitchens all over Bristol. 

chip tray above
Redesigned, single piece chip trays
chip tray above shot
An original on the left, an F C Hammonds replacement on the right

Fibretech Laser Cutting

In October F C Hammonds made a trip to Mantech Manufacturing Technology to look at their fibretech laser cutting machines.

After a fantastic demonstration We placed an order for a 1300 x 900mm bed 1.5Kw machine. The machine will be arriving with us in February 2021. Once the machine is installed, we will be able to offer fast, flexible laser cutting capabilities in up to 10mm mild steel and 5mm stainless.

large laser cutting machine with people looking at it
large laser cutting machine with doors open


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